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Projection performance in the Organ Hall, 8 compositions, 55 min. Kharkov, Ukraine.

Our first experience with the Kharkov Philharmonic society, seven-minute potpourri, appeared so successful that we decided to make a really large-scale performance.

The program of this 60 minute solo concert consists of eight compositions, that are absolutely different in mood and style. The masterpieces of an organ music of 3 centuries are collected here!

By means of lighting effects and 3D-animation we shown our vision of this beautiful music.

Johann Sebastian Bach - Toccata and fugue in d minor

Johann Sebastian Bach - Siciliana

Louis Claude Daquin - Le Cuckoo

Jean Arist Alen - Hangings gardens

Max Reger - Introduction and passacaglia in d minor

Olivier Messiaen - Apparition of the eternal church

V. Nazarov - Toccata

Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni - Adagio