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Hologram on the principle of reflection

       Better to see once than to read twice. Absolute simulation of the hologram is reached by the system of transparent and reflective screens. There is constructed a stage, where volume image is formed behind transparent, almost invisible screen. Interesting solution - combination of real and holographic images. 


What follows what:
  • Discussing the idea of ​​the show, the desired size and  installation place of the hologram installation
  • Negotiating the scheme of the projection of the complex and the cost of the project
  • Coordinating technical specifications (space needed for installation, lighting conditions, etc.)
  • Writing a script, content creation
  • rehearsal
  • show

To get started:
  • Picture the venue and the idea of ​​the show

  • To prepare for the on-screen design and content creation, we need to 1.5-2 months