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Projection on the water screen

       Breathtaking performance. The screen (traditionally – in a fan form , but there are lot of variants) is formed of water stream. The image turns out as if in the air.

       The screen can be realized both on the land, and on the water. This installation looks especially impressive on water surface.

       We have developed own system of atomizers for double screen formation. It allowed us to achieve more stability to weather conditions and to reach higher image contrast and saturation. Also, we can create the screen of original configuration for your project.


What follows what:

  • We take a photos and make territory gaugings where event will be
  • We count the scheme of projective complex and project cost
  • We coordinate specifications (the water supplying technics, electricity, etc.)
  • We write a script and make the content
  • Rehearsal
  • Show

To get started:

  • Photo of event venue.

  • For making content we need 10-30 days.